EXIT Realty Franchise Ownership Opportunities


EXIT Mid-Atlantic is a real estate franchise company that offers opportunities for franchise entrepreneurs. They provide a proven track record and a range of benefits, including exceptional systems and tools, competitive fees, and a high-tech, high-touch approach.

For individuals interested in a career as a real estate agent, EXIT Realty offers a platform for success. They provide the necessary support and resources to help agents thrive in the industry. With their proven systems and tools, agents can benefit from a strong foundation and access to cutting-edge technology to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, EXIT Realty offers the opportunity to become a real estate franchise business owner. This option allows individuals to lead a team of agents and develop an entire region. As a franchise owner, you can leverage EXIT Realty’s brand recognition, systems, and support to grow your business and achieve success.

EXIT Realty believes in creating unlimited opportunities for their franchisees. They provide a supportive environment that encourages growth, professional development, and collaboration. Whether you’re an experienced real estate professional or someone looking to enter the industry, EXIT Mid-Atlantic may be the right fit for you.

If you’re interested in joining EXIT Mid-Atlantic and growing your real estate business, you can reach out to them to learn more about their franchise opportunities and how they can help you achieve your goals.


Progress from transactional real estate agent to entrepreneur with multiple income streams.

As a real estate franchise owner, what could you do with this?

  • A compelling recruiting and retention business model to help weld agents to your office
  • Better business saleability due to residuals
  • Support and direction for growing your business
  • Approachable and experienced leadership
  • The ability to positively impact the lives of others
  • The opportunity to grow professionally with a dynamic challenge
  • Freedom and autonomy
  • Prestige and pride of ownership
  • A track to run on with a proven model and systems
  • The best return on your invested time in the real estate industry

Everything we do at EXIT is about helping regional owners, broker-owners and associates have more control of their businesses, their investing and their lives,” Tami Bonnell, CEO of EXIT Realty Corp. International.

Real Estate Office Conversions & Mergers Opportunities with EXIT Mid Atlantic

The TOP 10 Reasons For Your Company to be Acquired:

  1. You’re not making enough money and/or you’re not getting a satisfactory return on your invested time.
  2. You want to return to selling. Many people open a real estate brokerage because they thought it was the next logical step in their career when their true love was listing and selling real estate. A good salesperson isn’t necessarily a good business person.
  3. You want to start a new career.
  4. You are tired of the managerial hassles.
  5. Partnership disputes.
  6. You want access to better resources.
  7. Personal or legal problems.
  8. Loss of agents. You’re sick of the revolving door.
  9. Burn out. You’re a real estate veteran who has lived through more than one recession and you don’t want to build again.
  10. You want to retire.

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If this appeals to you, Regional Owners, Jonathan and Janett Rundlett are available for a confidential conversation.