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This 20 something is finding success with a “You Do You” philosophy

Real estate allows people to create their own business. Jeremie Fontaine is proof of this. His career is as successful as a 20 year veteran’s. Why? Because he knows his audience and how to communicate with them. He walks their walk and talks their talk all while bringing knowledge to the table. Read more about Jeremie’s story in EXIT Realty’s latest article A Career That Lets You Do You

EXIT Realty Corp. International

Response Times Can Make Or Break Your Conversion

If you have been a part of the EXIT Realty family, you will be accustomed to innovative technologies being introduced that help you work smarter, not harder, and having access to training and best in class information. EXIT Realty Corp. International goes above and beyond to fuel your business.

Case in point, last month they announced an upgrade in technology – My Smart Sign. It’s a technology that will not only gain a real estate agent more leads – but deliver them in real time. During this presentation, they shared that responding within 1 minute helps to increase conversion by 391%. In our industry we knew that responding quickly was a core value – but who knew the conversion could be so high? And, it’s free all EXIT Realty agents as part of membership! We don’t charge for leads!  

My Smart Sign enables buyers to text a code to receive instantaneous information on listings in their geo-location. At the same time, it sends that person’s details to the real estate agent who owns the My Smart Sign code. During this roll out of My Smart Sign, the team at EXIT Realty Corp. International also shared simple ways to follow up and keep that response time low:

  • Set up an automatic text back reply
  • Call to introduce yourself
  • Send a pre-recorded video that introduces yourself and shows that you’re a “real person”
  • Send them the digital buyers/sellers guide that’s available to you in the EXIT Resource Center
  • Send your Mobile Business Card (another technology that’s available only to EXIT agents)

EXIT Realty recognizes the opportunities to leverage technology to increase your pipeline – it’s one of the many things that makes this organization great. Watch this video to learn more about the technology and how a lightening fast response time can help you win and close business.

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Real Estate Agents Can Stay Ahead and Be Successful in Today’s Real Estate Market

Today’s interest rates, home prices, and other economic factors combined with consumer confidence pose challenges for real estate professionals. However, there are some things real estate professionals can do to stay active, effective, and profitable in today’s economy.

In this WRE article, Guest Opinion: How Real Estate Professionals Can Achieve Their Goals in Today’s Economy, EXIT Mid-Atlantic’s Regional Owner, Jonathan Rundlett, shares his expertise on overcoming these obstacles. 


The Ever-Evolving Social Media Landscape and Real Estate Marketing

You may have heard that the Department of Justice has settled a lawsuit with Facebook over allegations of discriminatory housing advertising that goes against Fair Housing Laws. If you are an EXIT Realty Agent utilizing EXIT Ad Center, you can be worry free about how this will impact your marketing campaigns.  One of the benefits of working with EXIT Realty is that we equip our real estate professionals with streamlined technology and resources that help them generate more leads, allowing for more time in their schedule to do what they love, and less time spent on details like changing laws and the impacts they have on social media. 

As an agent, when you utilize EXIT Ad Center for your Facebook advertising, you can be assured that our look-a-like audiences are based on people who have expressed an interest in real estate – whether it be buying, selling, or, a career – so EXIT Ad Center will not locate users who “look like” other users based on characteristics protected by the Fair Housing Act. By December 31st, Facebook needs to stop using the tool once called “Look-a-Like Audience,” which relies on an algorithm that the U.S. said discriminates based on sex, race, and other characteristics. However, as an EXIT Realty agent, you can place an ad today or any day and be confident that your ads are not discriminatory.  

EXIT Realty Corp. International

Let’s Go Team!

The real estate industry is seeing a movement. More and more real estate professionals are forming teams. There’s just so much to juggle and when you can’t manage it it’s time to Team Up!

By forming a team the group can better service their clients, increase their overall sales and, each member can achieve that well deserved work-life balance.

In this EXIT Real Estate Industry Leaders article Broker/Owner, Maggie Tessier, shares how she and her team found success and some great tips to make the transition a success for everyone.  

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