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This 20 something is finding success with a “You Do You” philosophy

Real estate allows people to create their own business. Jeremie Fontaine is proof of this. His career is as successful as a 20 year veteran’s. Why? Because he knows his audience and how to communicate with them. He walks their walk and talks their talk all while bringing knowledge to the table. Read more about Jeremie’s story in EXIT Realty’s latest article A Career That Lets You Do You

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Real Estate Agents Can Stay Ahead and Be Successful in Today’s Real Estate Market

Today’s interest rates, home prices, and other economic factors combined with consumer confidence pose challenges for real estate professionals. However, there are some things real estate professionals can do to stay active, effective, and profitable in today’s economy.

In this WRE article, Guest Opinion: How Real Estate Professionals Can Achieve Their Goals in Today’s Economy, EXIT Mid-Atlantic’s Regional Owner, Jonathan Rundlett, shares his expertise on overcoming these obstacles. 

EXIT Realty Corp. International

Millennials are Changing the Landscape of Real Estate

Millennials are the demographic group that is typically defined as people born from 1981 to 1996. They are the first generation to grow up in the internet age being the first generation to have the most familiarity with social media and cell phones. Financially, millennials have fell behind previous generations with the weight of higher student loan debt, stagnant wages, and unemployment after the Great Recession. In the past few years, they are coming of the age to marry, have children or start a family and they have lofty financial goals – saving 36% more of their annual salary compared to prior generations. Armed with their savings, millennials make up the fastest-growing segment of buyers today according to the National Association of Realtors report. This increased activity from the millennial generation is likely due to growth in their careers and finally paying down their student loans. 

Millennials are changing the game of homebuying, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that one way this group, also known as “digital natives,” are changing the process is through technology. Utilizing social media and mobile phones to research, view and buy homes is how they feel most comfortable. At EXIT we have a large digital toolkit that helps our real estate agents connect with this generation in a way that’s both comfortable and familiar with them – Facebook, Text Messaging Campaigns, and geo location technology to name a few. Learn more about how our technology is both high tech and high touch

These homebuyers are digitally savvy, and look to the internet to shop around for a mortgage, collect information about homes they might be interested in. A real estate agent can prove themselves valuable to this cohort in the form of their negotiation skills and industry relationships that will help make the homebuying process more efficient. 

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EXIT Realty’s Charitable Giving Exceeds $7 Million

Earlier this month Tami Bonnell, Co-Chair of Exit Realty Corp. International announced that the company’s allocation to its charitable fund has exceeded $7 million. Bonnell noted that “giving back has been what we do since the company’s inception almost twenty-six years ago…. It’s part of our business model and it’s ingrained in the hearts of our associates.”

EXIT Realty is a full service, forward-thinking real estate franchisor with offices across North America. If you are new to the EXIT model, you may not know that every transaction from our real estate business has a portion of it directed towards our charitable fund. We also have what we call Spirit of EXIT Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Program where our associates can raise money for local, approved registered charities and apply to have those funds matched from EXIT Realty’s pool of funds.  

In addition to our charitable giving, EXIT has to date paid out more than a half billion dollars in single-level residual income to our associates. If you are looking to be part of something better, at EXIT, better is built right in. Learn more about the EXIT formula today


This blog post was created by ChatGPT: How Can Real Estate Agents Use ChatGPT In Their Marketing?

Real estate agents can use ChatGPT for various marketing tasks, such as:

  • Chatbot integration: ChatGPT can be integrated into a chatbot on the agent’s website, allowing potential clients to ask questions and receive immediate answers 24/7.
  • Content creation: ChatGPT can be used to generate compelling and informative descriptions of properties, neighborhoods, and amenities, which can be used in listings, blog posts, and other marketing materials.
  • Email marketing: ChatGPT can be used to generate personalized and engaging emails to send to clients, such as property recommendations, market updates, and newsletters.
  • Social media management: ChatGPT can be used to create and schedule social media posts on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which can be used to promote listings and engage with followers.

By incorporating ChatGPT into their marketing strategy, real estate agents can save time, generate high-quality content, and offer a more personalized experience to their clients.


Boost Your Business in a Slower Market

Many real estate professionals are experiencing a slower market, leaving them with more time on their hands. This is an opportunity to set yourself up for success! EXIT Realty provides a list of to-do’s to keep yourself busy preparing your business.

Please read the latest EXIT Realty News: What’s The Big To-Do? You’ll find tips on everything from checking in not only with your clients but also yourself to marketing goals and more.

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EXIT Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Agents Recognized On EXIT Realty Top 100 Agent’s of 2022

Jonathan and Janett Rundlett, Regional Owner’s of EXIT Mid-Atlantic, are extremely honored to announce all the EXIT Associates throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region who achieved recognition on EXIT Realty Corp. International’s Top 100 Lists 2023!

Please join Jonathan and Janett, and all of the EXIT Mid-Atlantic Associates, in congratulating the EXIT Realty Corp. International Top 100 Agents from the region:

Closed Sides:
Greg VurganovExit Preferred Realty, MD
boyd graingerEXIT Landmark Realty Maryland (White Plains), MD
Santiago Carrera, EXIT Results Realty, MD

Gregory Vurganov, Exit Preferred Realty, MD
Jackie EdmansonExit Preferred Realty, MD
Tim Smith, Exit Preferred Realty, PA
Corey LancasterExit Right Realty, MD

Gross Commission Income:
Boyd GraingerEXIT Landmark Realty Maryland (White Plains), MD
Santiago Carrera, EXIT Results Realty, MD
Corey LancasterExit Right Realty, MD

Sales Volume:
Boyd Grainger, EXIT Landmark Realty (White Plains), MD
Santiago Carrera, EXIT Results Realty, MD

Well done!! 

EXIT Mid-Atlantic EXIT Realty Corp. International

EXIT Mid-Atlantic Team Earns Top Ranking!

Jonathan and Janett Rundlett, Regional Owner’s of EXIT Mid-Atlantic, are extremely honored to announce the Dream Home Team – EXIT Preferred Realty in Bel Air, Maryland, has been recognized as one of the Top Teams in EXIT Realty Corp. International’s 2022 Top 25 Teams in all three categories!

Following are the award categories the team has been recognized for:

Sales Volume

Closed Sides

Gross Commission 

Congratulations go out to the associates that make up this team for an outstanding year! We look forward to another great year! 

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